Satchidananda Sadguru Shirdi Sainath Maharaj Mandir

Regd. Canadian Charity 84007 9875 RR0001

Satchidananda Sadguru Shirdi Sainath Maharaj Mandir

Regd. Canadian Charity 84007 9875 RR0001


Does the Temple do car pujas?

Car pujas are done only by appointment. Send a text message to one of the following numbers if you wish to have a car puja done
Car pujas are free. The Temple does not charge anything for any service

Can I have a personal puja done for a specific purpose or on a specific occasion?

Generally the Temple does not perform puja for individuals other than car puja. However we make exceptions on a case by case basis. Furthermore such pujas are done only by appointment and subject to availability. Please contact us if your would like a personal puja conducted

Does the Temple conduct shloka classes?

Yes. Please contact us for details

Are there Bhajan sessions in the Temple?

There are no regular Bhajan sessions in the Temple. However devotees may perform Bhajans in the Temple after consulting with the Temple Administration
You can sing Bhajans at non-peak times and subject to specific conditions. However singers may not have access to a mic.

Does the Temple conduct weddings?

We do not conduct weddings; however you may have a wedding conducted in the Temple subject to availability, terms and conditions, rules and regulations. Contact the Temple Administration for details.
Temple doesnot provide match making/matrimonial service

Does the Temple have a Priest?

The Temple does not currently have a priest. We believe that Temple employees, members of Temple Administration and volunteers are all Baba’s Priests and bring greater sincerity, commitment and devotion that any professional Priest. Hence Baba’s abhishek, arathi and puja are all carried out by our Temple employees, members of Temple Administration and our selfless Volunteers

What bhog/prasad can I bring?

Please visit the Temple’s Naivedhya page

Does the Temple have a dress code?

The Temple does not have a dress code. We encourage you to dress in keeping with Temple decorum.
If you are performing Baba’s Abhishek men should attempt to dress in pyjama kurta or dhoti and women in salwar/lahanga suit, saree

Can I do parikrama around Baba 108 times?

Yes – but only during non-peak timings. Please contact us before you plan to do parikramas

Can I borrow things from the Temple for a private religious event?

The Temple does not lend any of its things.

Does the Temple compensate its Directors and Officers?

No. Directors and Officers receive no compensation and serve without any expectation. Instead they only give to the Temple

What does the Temple do with Baba's used garments/shawls/scarves?

We usually give away Baba’s used garments/shawls/scarves to devotees that are facing a health crisis.

Can the Temple help us visit Shirdi or help us get darshan in Shirdi?

No. Devotees are encouraged to visit Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi’s website to book Darshan & accommodation

Can I place my child at Baba's feet?

It is common practices for new borns to be placed at Baba’s feet. Please visit the Temple during non-peak times and ask the staff on duty.

Can I get Sri Sai Satcharita in the Temple in a certain language?

We usually carry Sri Sai Satcharita in various languages. Please contact us for availability

Can I contribute towards annadanam/langar?

The Temple does not perform annadanam/langar

Do you give away udi/vibhuti?

While Shirdi udi is subject to availability, we mix Shirdi udi in a larger stock of commonly available udi, and the Temple believes that this is as efficacious as the original udi from Shirdi. We give away small packets of this udi upon request.

We are a religious organization. Can we conduct an event such as group chanting at the Temple?

This request is considered on a case-by-case basis and if granted will be subject to terms and conditions.