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    Phone: 647-928-1056
    Email: admin@sainathmandir.org
  • Temple Policies

    Policy for donation in kind:

    • Being a Registered Charity under the Income Tax act we follow CRA’s rules and regulations concerning donation in kind. Please visit CRA website for further information on CRA rules and regulations.
    • Before making any donation in kind approach the Temple Board.
    • Based on several considerations we may or may not be able to accept such a donation. Examples of donations that we cannot accept are furniture, a high value item that we cannot safe-keep, perishable food. The Temple may not need some items – and such items will not be accepted, example Air-conditioner.
    • Only new items will be accepted subject to case by case exceptions. Examples of exceptions are computer stand, shelving system, snow shovel.
    • The donation should have been procured by the donor from a legal and reputed business at a fair market value. Example – electronics form electronic superstore or cutlery supply from supermarket.
    • If the source of procurement of the item is not a major Canadian business then the item will be evaluated by an entity identified by the Temple Board. Donation receipt will issued for the lesser of the estimated fair market value or original receipt.
    • The original purchase receipt must be provided. Invoices are not accepted. The receipt must show the mode of payment and tax amounts as applicable for the purchase.
    •  In case of precious metal or stone items, the receipts should be accompanied by an evaluation certificate by a CRA or Temple approved estimator.
    • The origin proof of purchase must show the name and address of the purchaser. Donation receipt will be issued only in the name of the purchaser on the receipt. If the purchaser’s name is not on the receipt, the donor must fill and sign the form ‘Claim to be purchaser(s)’. This form will be retained by the Temple.


    Policy for No Solicitation:

    • A visitor shall not solicit other visitor(s) for advancing his/her business, profession or other activities for his/her personal gain
    • A visitor cannot utilize the opportunity to meet other visitor(s) to advertise his/her personal activities, profession, business etc
    • A visitor shall not solicit other visitor(s) for advancing his/her business, profession or other activities for his/her personal gain
    • A visitor shall not communicate requests of solicitation to a person who may or may not be a visitor through other visitor(s) in the Temple for advancing his/her business, profession or other activities for his/her personal gain


    Policy for Temple’s Decorum, Cleanliness and Hygiene
    Applies to Directors’, Members’, Officers’, Volunteers’ and Devotees
    The temple is the holy abode of Sai Baba and a very sacred place, as such; this policy describes the duties and obligations of Directors’, Members’, Officers’, Volunteers’ and Devotees, to maintain the good decorum, cleanliness and hygiene of the temple premise.
    Kitchen Area
    ·         The volunteers serving in the Kitchen should wear hair-net and food handling gloves. They should wash hands before handling or distributing Naivedhya
    ·         No perishable and undistributed Naivedhya shall be stored in kitchen overnight. It should be kept in the fridge. The fridge will be emptied every fortnight
    ·         Devotees, who bring Baba’s Naivedhya are requested to take their containers or vessels back when they return from the temple

    Temple Hall
    ·         The sink in the main temple hall is for exclusive use for Baba. Please do not use it for washing hands or drinking water
    ·         We request devotees who wish to eat or drink Naivedhya, to use the area between the kitchen and the office room. Please do not eat or drink in the main temple hall
    ·         Volunteer is requested to ensure that the setup of the temple hall is well maintained and clean at all the time.
    ·         Devotees are requested to be considerate to others and keep the washroom in clean and tidy condition after the usage
    ·         If you see any washroom supply missing in the washroom, please speak to the volunteer on the duty
    ·         We humbly request all the devotees not to bring broken picture frames of gods or broken idols and leave them in the temple
    ·         Please leave your shoes in the shoe rack only
    ·         Please throw all the waste in the garbage bin only

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