• 1190 Mid-way Blvd., Unit 13 Mississauga
    L5T 2B9 (nearest intersections Dixie &
    Derry, Derry & Tomken )
    Phone: 647-928-1056
    Email: admin@sainathmandir.org
  • Donation for Vishwaroop Darshan

    To donate for Vishwaroop Darshan, please use the following Paypal button,

    Sai Ram

    The Temple Management is committed to issuing receipts for all donations. If you have made a donation and have not received a receipt please contact us. If you have donated on-line you will receive an email with a consolidated electronic receipt for all your on-line donations. Please present your donations receipts when you file your Income Tax Returns for a deduction proportional to your donation amount.

    You can carry forward donations you do not claim in the current year and claim them on your return for any of the next five years. But, you can only claim donations once”


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