• 1190 Mid-way Blvd., Unit 13 Mississauga
    L5T 2B9 (nearest intersections Dixie &
    Derry, Derry & Tomken )
    Phone: 647-928-1056
    Email: admin@sainathmandir.org

    Abhishek Booking

    • Devotees may book to perform Abhishek on Saturdays or Sundays
    • There is no charge
    • To check for next available Abhishek date and to book your Abhishek contact
      Ms Jaishree Giri (cell # 416-804-5496)
    • Bookings are on a first come first served basis

    To cancel an Abhishek booking

    • If you have reserved a date for Abhishek but would like to cancel it, please contact
      Ms Jaishree Giri (cell # 416-804-5496) so that we may accommodate other devotees on the waiting list

    On the day of Abhishek:

    • As on other days Kakad Arathi will be performed soon after 9 am
    • Abhishek starts around 10:30 AM. However in order to prepare for the Abhishek please arrive by 930 AM.
    • It is not required for you to bring anything with you
    • Should you desire to bring garments for Baba please follow the measurements below:
      • Inner cloth for Baba – 2 yard long, 1 yard broad thin cotton fabric, either white , yellow or orange in color
      • Baba’s shawl/outer cloth – 2.25 yard long, 1 yard broad
      • Head piece – 1.5 square feet cloth folded diagonally into a triangle
    • You may feel free to bring garland and flowers
    • You may bring Naivedhya to offer after Abhishek
    • Devotees must bathe before coming to the Temple
    • Both male and female devotees can perform Abhishek. Female devotees are requested to abstain from attending Abhishek on days they are expected to abstain as per standard Temple norms
    • Male devotees are advised to wear dhoti and angavastram (upper cloth) or kurta pyjama
    • If you are offerring Priti Bhoj you are required to follow the Temple’s Priti Bhoj Rules and Regulations

    Performing the Abhishek:

    • Abhishek will start with your taking Sankalpa
    • Following Sankalpa, the devotee will climb onto the Altar and perform the Abhishek ritual. The priest will guide the devotee at every step of the Abhishek
    • Baba will be bathed only with warm water, no milk or any other items. Hence, please do not bring milk
    • Purush Sukta and Vishnu SahasraNaam will be recited during the Abhishek
    • After Abhishek Baba and His Altar will be wiped and dried with towels
    • Baba will be wrapped in inner cloth, shawl and the head piece.
    • Alankar will involve applying chandan tilak. Baba’s will be further adorned with mala, mukut etc
    • Alankar will be followed by a short break
    • Next Ashtottha Namavali Archana (recitation of Baba’s 108 names) will be performed
    • Next Madhyan Maha Naivadhya will be offered, followed by the Madhyan Aarti at 12 pm

    Should you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to contact :

    Ram Subrahmanian – 647-204-4761, Tarun Arora – 647-928-1056, Jaishree Giri – 416-804-5496


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