• 1190 Mid-way Blvd., Unit 13 Mississauga
    L5T 2B9 (nearest intersections Dixie &
    Derry, Derry & Tomken )
    Phone: 647-928-1056
    Email: admin@sainathmandir.org
  • Temple is now open

    After having been closed to the Public due to COVID-19, the Temple has re-opened to devotees. No appointments are necessary to visit the Temple.

    On all days of the week, the Temple opens shortly after 9 am and closes at 8 pm, but we prefer that the last visitors of the day arrive by 745 pm.

    About 4 devotee families at a time are allowed in the Temple at a time. Devotees are requested to follow through the designated lane and maintain social distance.

    How long a family/individual can remain standing inside depends on how many others are waiting for their turn. We request devotees to be considerate to fellow devotees.

    To ensure the health and safety of Temple Employees, Volunteers and Devotees the following mandatory measures are enforced:
    • Mask/protective face covering must be worn at all times
    • Hand sanitizer stations have been set up where hands must be sanitized upon entering the Temple.
    • The access to washrooms and kitchen is restricted only to the Temple employees
    We welcome you back and thank you in advance for your compliance, understanding, and patience.

    Jai Sairam

  • Temple Timings :

    Temple Timings : The Temple is closed until further notice.

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